Brrrrr... it's cold!!

 Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful snow that was just dumped on us. A BIG thank you to the "mini blizzard of 2015". 

YES I was pumped to be snowed in for a few days with my hubby and my little love BUT lets face it, if we did get all that snow we'd all be complaining.  So for now lets enjoy it and wish for spring days ahead filled with birds chirping and flowers blooming. 

I don't know about you,but during these winter months I get cabin fever, go to bed super early, hibernate, pretend I'm a Top Chef in my kitchen whipping up comfort foods and put my feet up every chance I get. Spring is right around the corner and I DON'T stop when the that lovely weather appears, so for now... I relax.

But, here's one of my biggest pet peeves during these long winter months... 


Although I may not have a solution for it all- I do have a few beauty tricks that I use every winter that help beat the skin troubles that most of us face this time of year. 

Here are a few ideas that work for me and hope they do the same for you!!

  • Exfoliate with a good scrub to remove all the dead dry skin particles on your face and body. It's so refreshing after a good scrub!!
  • DON'T use HOT water!! I know it's cold this time of year, but that scolding hot water will only dry you out more- go for lukewarm (your skin and hair will thank you)
  •  Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize-  (I'm a firm believer in Coconut Oil)
  • Hydrate- our body naturally hydrates from the inside out so drink up my friends and not the booze... some good ole' H2O. 
  • Humidifiers are key. I have one built into my furnace and one in my bedroom. 
  • Masks that are hydrating and provide any deep cleansing. 
  • Eat a good and healthy diet full of fruits, veggies and lean proteins. (My comfort foods don't apply here)
  • Did I mention water...good. DRINK IT!!

Other than that, just embrace yourself people!!

I'm a Puerto Rican/Irish gal with amazing skin, color and beautiful hydration in the summer months and awful red, blotchy, inflamed skin in the winter. But regardless, it's me and I love it, well sometimes!! 

Any questions, head on over to my reach out section and shoot me a question. I love a good challenge!! 

Thank you blistery cold nights ,forced hot air, blasting heat in the car and not enough moisture, we do love you, but WE LOVE SPRING/SUMMER that much more!!

Kisses, Love and Mascara Always,