A few months back I was perusing the internet for new makeup and tools to fill my kit a bit more (its just about exploding with goodies at this point). I decided to text my friend Stephanie who is the Creative Marketing Director for Mehron Makeup  and who is also the Co-Owner of the fabulous Greek Spot Cafe' here in Milford, CT(be sure to try The Cotter Crabcake Sandi, it's delicious... hehe) If your in the area and in the mood for some awesome Greek food be sure to go there. You will NOT be sorry!!!

Stephanie and I got to chatting back and forth about the different products that Mehron Makeup offers and I was blown away with what she had to say about them. Here's just a smidge of what sold me on the products.

  • The Celebre' Pro-HD makeup foundation is oil free and fragrance free. It contains powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E, pomegranate and aloe vera that will help soothe the skin... let's be honest we all want our skin to look and feel its best- plus it feels like butter on your skin- silky smooth coverage!!
  • The Velvet Finish Primer Serum has vitamin C, aloe vera extract and vitamin E which also aids in the aging process while prepping your skin.
  • Skin PREP- OMG...this product is for all you sweaters out there (yes, you too men). This product is miracle in a bottle. It acts as a moisture barrier between your skin and your makeup, so whether its a hot summer day, a prom with all your class mates or your dancing the night away at a wedding that sweat wont be screaming and dripping from your pores!!!!!!
  • The INTense PRO Pressed Pigment eye shadows have built in primers.

I could go on and on about what sold me but the #1 was that their products are made in the U.S. NEVER tested on animals and a very large selection of their product is vegan. Love!! Click here for a list of all the Vegan products.

After talking a bit Steph said, "I'll just send you a few different products to tryout and sample yourself". Awesome, I can play with the samples a bit before making a large purchase!!

Well...rewind to last week, Stephanie was running back and forth to NYFW with numerous different shows that Mehron was involved in and on the ONE day that she didn't have a show, we met up to have a meeting on all the products.

YES...I had a fabulous one on one class on each and every product that Mehron offers for their beauty line. 

I was and still am BLOWN AWAY with the "samples" that I was given to try and and will forever be grateful for the chance to try them on all my beautiful clients. I can't wait to purchase everything!!

I can't thank you enough Steph, you are just too sweet!!

Stay tuned for a follow up interview with Stephanie herself and tons of feedback from me about all the goodies...so far my reaction is WOW, and why haven't I tried these sooner :)

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Kisses, Love and Mascara Always,